The Driver’s Journal- What Motivates Multi-Time Champion Andy Forsberg




By Andy Forsberg


I was asked by sprint car social media mogul PJ Petersen to answer the question “being such a decorated sprint car driver in California what motivates me heading into each new season?”


Well besides the fact that I absolutely hate losing there are quite a few motivating factors that get me going at the beginning of each new race season and during the race season as well.

First, I really thrive off excelling early in the season when the tracks are more how I like them.  Cool, rainy temperatures typically keep the tracks just how I like them, tacky, wet, choppy, rough gumbo type track conditions are what I have always excelled at and really enjoy racing on. So early in the season I like to take advantage of those opportunities.  Unfortunately this also forces me to try and stay in shape, I will be on my mountain bike pedaling up a steep ass hill thinking to myself “ What am I doing this for” then I remind myself how pissed off I would be if I got tired during a race and cost myself and my teams a good finish.

Second, I am really a big stat guy, so I am always trying to top various statistics for myself.  Whether its win totals, championships or special races, you name it they are all a competition to me.  2019 I will be in Placerville in the F&F X1 going for the track title. If I was to win the track championship this year I would tie Brian Crockett for most sprint car titles at Placerville.  Brian was the G.O.A.T. at Placerville so for me to be in a position to tie him is definitely a motivational factor. In 2018 I was able to pass Wayne Sue and Shane Scott in career win totals at Silver Dollar Speedway, those drivers were two of the best that ever raced in Chico and heroes of mine growing up, so to be in the statistical mix with people like that is very motivating to me.

Third, holding my end of the bargain up, I take racing very seriously and so do the teams, crew members, sponsors and family that surround me.  I am in a very fortunate position right now, the Forsberg Family 92 and the A&A Stepping Stone 92 are maintained next door to my business, between my dad Richard Forsberg, Mike Proschold, Jon Timms and Jeff (Boo) Brown I basically have a full time crew. They work on the cars during the day while I am at work. They are kicking ass next door in the race shop and unlike most hobby type weekend warrior racers I seldom have to actually work on the race cars and to me that’s priceless.  Same goes for the F&F X1, I just show up and drive, add in what all the sponsors do for the three teams and the sacrifices the families deal with during race season, I always feel responsible to do well and provide good results, so holding up my end of the bargain is a motivation.

Fourth, there are two wins I have yet to accomplish, you could call them my bucket list.  A 410 win at Placerville has alluded me for some reason throughout the years, I have lost somehow, bad luck, racing luck, my fault, mechanical, I just have not been able to get that win.  I drove for the Family Auto Service 98X and we had some really good runs there.  Once we were there for a Wednesday night Golden State show, the track was right up my alley, super heavy and I was just licking my chops, Florie Filipich the car owner decided to put a lower gear in the car for the main event, we didn’t have the gear we needed so we borrowed a set. The officials were rushing because it was a week night so they shoved the gears in and off I went, I knew immediately something was wrong, Florie wanted a 668 gear, the box he was given said 668 but unfortunately it was a 558. We were 100 points to tall, but I still drove from 6th to 3rd.  I have around 10 crazy stories about 410 races at Placerville that would make you scratch your head.  The second win I am looking for is a World of Outlaw win, now let me be clear, I am not claiming to be a World of Outlaw caliber driver by any means, those guys are on a different level then me, but I do think at Placerville or Chico I have a car capable of  winning. If all our ducks were in a row we could definitely sneak a win off.  I have 6 podiums with the World of Outlaws so I have been close, shoot I don’t care if I am in 3rd and 1st and 2nd take each other out on the last lap I’ll take it!  Those are two missing wins that still motivate me each year.

Fifth, my final motivational factor and this is actually more sentimental then anything, Mia my dog.  Candace and Mia don’t get to all my races, but the nights they do go, Candace will carry  23511229_1704674612924638_1907907923365805958_oMia by me as I am getting ready for the main event and say “Mia wants to get her picture taken tonight!” It always makes me smile, can’t say I try harder but it’s a motivation. I’ll probably get teased about this, but I don’t care.


Well there you go a view inside what motivates Andy Forsberg before and during a race season.  I think that all racers are somewhat similar when it comes to the motivational factors for racing.  The few topics I talked about are what help drive me, along with the fact that I can’t stand losing and I love winning.