Peterson Takes Tough Hit At Placerville Speedway



PETERSEN MEDIA- Matt Peterson has had a bit of a turbulent 2016 season. After losing a fresh engine at the start of the season and being sidelined for a few months, Peterson again finds himself in a jam after a tough blow during Saturday night’s feature event at the Placerville Speedway.


“I just hate this for my family and all of our supporters,” Matt Peterson said. “We had high hopes for the 2016 season, and it has been a tough one.”


Racing his way into the feature event via the semi-main, Peterson was working his way forward from his 20th starting spot. On a very slick Placerville Speedway surface, the Wilton, CA driver was using the cushion to his advantage as he found himself up in the 13th spot.


With just seven laps to go in the feature event, Peterson’s machine would veer right in turns three and four and he would make heavy contact with the wall exiting turn four.


Though able to climb from his car quickly, Peterson was a little stunned form the impact but would check out okay, though is still sore. While Peterson is alright, the same cannot be said for his equipment.


“Luckily all my safety equipment held up, but it tore up a lot of our equipment and we are going to need some help to get back to the track,” Peterson added. “I am thankful for everyone that has continued to support us, and hopefully we can attract some new partners to our team to help us finish out the season.”


After the accident, Matt Peterson and his team are currently seeking additional marketing partners to help them return to the track in the coming weeks.


Matt and his team would like to thank, Miller Lite, Inventory Sales Company, Bear Trucking, Transportation Services, Future Energy Savers, Hoskins Mechanical Resources, Vahlco Wheels, JhdDesings, Shell Shock, MTFX Graphics, and V&H Fresh for their support in 2016.


2016 BY THE NUMBERS- Races-10, Wins-0, Top 5’s-1, Top 10’s-4


ON TAP: At this time, Peterson is unsure when his next start will be.


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