Netto 10th in Watsonville, CA


PETERSEN MEDIA: In action at the Ocean Speedway in Watsonville, CA on Friday night, DJ Netto and his Netto Racing team battled an ill handling racecar all night, as he scored a 10th place finish with the Taco Bravo 360 sprints.


“We tried everything we could to get our car to work, but it was pretty unresponsive,” Netto said.


Timing in a dismal 18th quickest, Netto and his team were behind the preverbal eight-ball, as they would be in the back of the pack through the night.


Starting in the third row of his heat, Netto was able to grab the fifth and final transfer position at the line, to put his Netto Ag/Penny Newman Gran/Bogies Auto Parts machine in the feature event, though it was a deep starting spot.


“We struggled from hot-laps on,” Netto said. “We started making huge changes, but it didn’t seem to matter, nothing worked, and it made for a long night.”


Starting in the ninth row for the 30-lap feature event, Netto was focused on just making laps, and seeing what kind of adjustment’s he could make in the cockpit to get it better.


“I figured it was a good night, to try some things at the wheel, to try and compensate, since we really didn’t have a car that was good enough to win.”


Trying multiple lines, through the night, Netto was able to keep his nose clean, and work his way to a top-10 finish, as he was scored 10th at the stripe.


“Overall it was a handful all night, but my guys had their sleeves rolled up all night long, and did the best they could with what they had to work with,” he said. “This week we are going to put a new car together, and see if we can get competitive again.”


DJ and his Netto Racing team would like to thank Netto Agriculture, Penny Newman Grain, Bogies Auto Parts, and Vande Pol Enterprises for their support in 2013.


2013 BY THE NUMBERS: Starts-14, Wins-0, Top 5’s-2, Top 10’s-5


ON TAP: DJ and his Netto Motorsports will be back in action this coming Friday night at the Ocean Speedway in Watsonville, CA.


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